Choosing Electronic Medical Record Software

The idea of change isn’t a welcome one for most physicians. Changing old habits and work flow can be a very scary process for doctors. Training on any new system can be an intimidating process.

As a result, many physicians find themselves procrastinating and searching for the perfect electronic medical records solution that does everything with zero effort to implement. It’s almost like a quest for the Holy Grail. However, in the meantime, they remain in a rut of inefficiency by continuing to handwrite or dictate their notes.

Unfortunately, not only are handwritten notes and prescriptions extremely inefficient, they are notoriously illegible. According to the Institute of Safe Medicine Practices, illegible prescriptions result in more than 3 million preventable adverse drug effects each year in the U.S.

Furthermore, since documentation requirements for physician reimbursement have become increasingly stringent, illegible notes can lead to significantly reduced income. They can also trigger time-consuming audits that ultimately result in costly penalties and refunds of payments back to the payers. This just adds one more layer of potential problems for physicians that continue with the traditional methodologies.

Electronic medical records have emerged as a way to address these concerns. In fact, federal officials have recently announced a program slated for early 2008 that will urge doctors to incorporate electronic medical records into their practices. The program provides cash incentives to doctors from Medicare for switching to electronic medical record systems and providing the government with updates on quality improvement markers for their patients.

Despite the fears amongst physicians resisting the switch to electronic medical records, it is possible to find EMR software with a low learning curve that will facilitate a smooth transition. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you begin your research.

Is the EMR software an intuitive system?

You don’t want to spend weeks or months training on a new system. All EMR software will have a learning curve, but some are more intuitive than others. The best EMR software will be one that you adopt quickly with minimal training and allows you to create more detailed notes with less effort. The ideal system should be able to be integrated it into the daily work flow of your clinic within a few weeks, rather than several months.

The right EMR solutions should save time. The age-old adage “time is money” applies in this situation. You don’t want to take 100 steps just to create a simple visit note. Instead, you want an EMR software program that streamlines the charting process as much as possible. Some EMR programs require so many steps to create a note that it’s like filling a salt shaker one grain at a time.

If you choose the wrong EMR software, the inefficiency of learning and using the new system may actually outweigh the inefficiencies of your current non-EMR system. Look for software that offers a free trial, so you can give it a test drive and see how easy it is to learn and use before you spend big bucks on it.

Does it have customizable templates that eliminate redundancy?

With customization, you can document your notes and patient records using the words and format that you prefer, rather than be forced to use the words and format offered by the software. Many EMR programs offer global templates for all users. This “one size fits all” mentality means that all users use the same templates (i.e., the same words) to describe dissimilar patients.

The result could be called charting by approximation — trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Some doctors have described these sorts of notes as “vending machine notes.” EMR systems with customizable templates will allow you to create notes using your own words and style and will therefore more closely reflect your thoughts.

Having customizable templates means that you will be able to save and reuse certain frequently used phrases, forms, procedural descriptions, prescriptions, etc., so that they don’t have to be manually re-entered each time.

Many EMR software programs do not allow much in the way of customization by the end user. In these instances if customization is even available, it must be done by the software company and is both prohibitively expensive and time consuming to deploy.

This is another reason to test drive the system before you commit to a specific program. Well-designed EMR software should allow you to customize prescriptions, templates, chart format, follow-up letters and after-care instructions. Printing options for these items should also be customizable, yet simple and smooth to configure with minimal support.

Will your EMR software allow multimedia attachments?

Look for EMR software that allows you to attach multimedia like photographs, X-rays, scanned documents and ECGs to your patients’ records. A picture is worth a thousand words and can describe injuries and other clinical findings much more accurately than words.

Photographs can also more accurately and efficiently document changes in time over subsequent visits. Having scanned ECGs attached to visits makes it faster and more convenient to review and compare to prior ECGs since with only a few clicks of a mouse, you can have all the information you need for your patient.

Not all EMR software is created equal. Accuracy, efficiency, intuitiveness and expense are all key factors you need to consider when choosing EMR software. If you make the right choice, you will soon find yourself using electronic medical records and wondering why it took you so long to make the change. If you keep waiting and searching for the Holy Grail of EMR software, you will only prolong the inefficiencies and inadequacies as well as the potential risks of your current methods.

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Why Paying It Forward Reaps Many Rewards on Social Media

How would you like to be the reason someone smiles today?

Doesn’t it feel wonderful and causes you to smile when you’re acknowledged for an accomplishment? When someone is truly kind to you without any intention of reciprocation?

I recently discovered just how wonderful that feeling is.

When we won an Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence award at the end of November, my Facebook feed was inundated with hundreds of likes, congratulations and well wishes. It truly was overwhelming to be the receiver of such incredible heart-felt wishes!

Being on the receiving end of such attention was not only flattering but also had me deeply touched that so many people thought kindly of my team and I.

So much so that it had me ponder my own actions, or inactions as the case may be, on social media.

How many times did I scroll past someone sharing their good news… too busy to pause long enough to congratulate them?

How many times did I simply hit the “like” button and move on after someone posted a huge victory of their own?

Too many times.

So many that I made a decision to change that and this article urges you to think about your own actions on Social Media too.

Now I make a conscious effort to pause long enough in my busy day to spread a simple message of kindness on my social media channels. Whether it’s a quick “Congratulations!” or a response to a question I can help with, I know my acts of kindness are paying it forward for all the kind acts I’ve received over the years.

Will you join me?

Here’s 6 Ways You Can Pay it Forward on Social Media

1. When you see someone sharing good news, don’t just hit the “Like” button, go that extra mile and leave a comment about how happy you are for them. It’s OK that you don’t know this person personally, it’s social media where your online connection is all that’s needed to pay a little kindness forward.

This simple gesture can make a big difference in the other person’s life. You have no idea what they are going through and your message of kindness could make their day.

2. When someone retweets or shares your content to their followers, send them a message of thanks.

Your acknowledgement will go a long way in their eyes, and they will remember how kind you were to them and will encourage them to continue their acts of sharing kindness.

3. Retweet and share great content of others and be sure to give them credit for posting such great stuff.

This kind of acknowledgement could be all that’s needed to give them the confidence they need to keep creating good stuff.

4. Participate in contests that you really wish to be a part of. A lot of thought and planning goes into setting up a contest so show your appreciation for the opportunity to win something and submit your entry.

Imagine if you were holding a contest and how much excitement you would feel when you see so many people participating. Share that gift of excitement to others.

5. Tell someone you appreciate them. It doesn’t have to have any strings attached… simply let them know how much you admire them and appreciate being connected with them on Social Media and why.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive such an unprovoked message? You can make someone else feel great too – how cool is that!

6. When you see someone is struggling or has asked a question you can answer, help.

Sharing your expertise with others is a wonderful way to pay it forward and help someone else out at the same time.

By making a conscious effort in performing these acts of kindness on social media, you will not only help make the world a better place (after all, doesn’t the world need more kindness in it?) but you will also see a positive shift both personally and professionally in your own life.

There are plenty of other ways you can pay it forward and share kindness with others on social media. Help me grow this list by posting in the comments section below your own ideas. And don’t forget to implement them!

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The Optimus is Not LG’s First Venture With Google’s Mobile Operating System

LG’s latest addition to there mobile phone collection is the app heavy LG Optimus. The phone utilises a 3.2 inch TFT resistive touch screen and runs on the Android 1.6 operating system. LG have equipped the device with a digital camera, multimedia player and an FM radio tuner, the phone is integrated with a number of social networks and boasts a full web browser.

The Optimus looks very handsome and very sleek; the slim line casing has been made from a high quality plastic which is light and durable and has been given a metallic finish to add to the modern design. There are two curves carved into the bodywork of the phone, they aren’t there just for looks though as you will find when you flip the phone into landscape mode; from here the curves are very accommodating for the shape of the human hand, they are there for comfort while you are messaging.

LG have used an updated version of there S-Class user interface to paint the Android platform in a colourful, user friendly overlay. The interface boasts a number of features and thanks to the Android core, the Optimus is packed full of additional SNS incorporation and Google support applications. The basic layout of the phones software is pretty simple; you can have up to seven home pages to work from if you select the Android experience, and if you choose the LG optimised home screen you will have the opportunity to customize which widgets you can access directly from a special bar at the bottom of screen.

You will notice that the app heavy interface as dedicated social network support with the likes of Bebo, Twitter and Facebook all compatible with the phones system. The Optimus is a pleasure to use in landscape mode, the added comfort supplied by the curved ends of the phone compliment basic thumb typing on the huge on-screen QWERTY keyboard. The screen is responsive enough to recognise quick taps and the on-screen buttons are will sized for even the fattest of digits and with support for SMS, MMS, social networking and e-mail you will have plenty of cause to use them.

The mobile web surfing experience was adequate considering the price of the handset, LG have supplied Optimus users with a consistent Wi Fi connection; it delivers reliable web surfing support, loading times are minimal and download speeds are quite fast for such an affordable phone. The 3.2 inch HVGA display is ideal for web surfers when you flip the phone horizontally using the accelerometer technology, you will find the general experience quite pleasant indeed.

The 3MP camera comes well equipped with auto focus, face detection and smile detection features add an extra dimension to the overall performance, image quality is quite alright and videos are filmed in VGA at 17fps. As expected the Optimus comes complete with a video player which will playback DivX and Xvid formats among others. The music player is basically the same as seen on previous LG phones and supports FM radio. The memory of the phone can be expanded thanks to the microSD slot and a 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with almost any headphones.

The Optimus is not LG’s first venture with Google’s mobile operating system; the InTouch Max was another of there Android phones and LG are becoming quite accustomed to the ways of Android. The lively interface provides an easy platform to work from and the device is also backed by the Android Market; so if you want to add to the already application rich interface you can access the online store for the content you need.

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Download PC Games Online The More Effective Way

If you want to download PC games online, you surely would find numerous resources that would be of great help to you. Various popular personal computer games are played by all ages across the globe. Such games are interesting in the sense that they are exciting, are visually appealing and are truly entertaining.

These days, there are also numerous games that are interacting, enabling players from all other places around the globe to play with each other. Thus, the need to download PC games online has become pressing and is considered important these days.

If you would need to download PC games online, it would be advisable if you would take time to consider the following simple guidelines.

1. Before you download PC games online, make sure your desktop or personal computer’s system requirements are capable and are meeting the requirements of the downloadable games. The system requirements are usually indicated in the properties section of the game or can be clearly indicated at the product information of the online downloadable game.

2. Make sure the graphics card software of your PC is regularly updated. Such software is usually offered to consumers for free. You can make use of search engines like Yahoo and Google to find such resources.

3. Check the computer’s vertical sync and all other settings and programs that might influence and affect the downloading process and actual operations and use of the game play. If your settings are not suited for the game, you surely would encounter problems when you download PC games online.

4. If you have downloaded an old or out of season online game, chances are higher that you would encounter problems playing the games. Try running the games first in Windows programs. Download PC games online for such games when you are sure your applications would be appropriate and suited.

5. Always update your downloaded games. Download PC games online and automatically be redirected to a site where updating of games would be instantly facilitated. Such updating features are usually rapidly done and completed, so if you would be able to finish the update soon, do so immediately.

6. Always seek advice and tips by checking out forums using the official Websites of games before you download PC games online.

Download PC games online through my game blog and get to enjoy your computer and such games anytime you want, without limits and restrictions.

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