The Optimus is Not LG’s First Venture With Google’s Mobile Operating System

LG’s latest addition to there mobile phone collection is the app heavy LG Optimus. The phone utilises a 3.2 inch TFT resistive touch screen and runs on the Android 1.6 operating system. LG have equipped the device with a digital camera, multimedia player and an FM radio tuner, the phone is integrated with a number of social networks and boasts a full web browser.

The Optimus looks very handsome and very sleek; the slim line casing has been made from a high quality plastic which is light and durable and has been given a metallic finish to add to the modern design. There are two curves carved into the bodywork of the phone, they aren’t there just for looks though as you will find when you flip the phone into landscape mode; from here the curves are very accommodating for the shape of the human hand, they are there for comfort while you are messaging.

LG have used an updated version of there S-Class user interface to paint the Android platform in a colourful, user friendly overlay. The interface boasts a number of features and thanks to the Android core, the Optimus is packed full of additional SNS incorporation and Google support applications. The basic layout of the phones software is pretty simple; you can have up to seven home pages to work from if you select the Android experience, and if you choose the LG optimised home screen you will have the opportunity to customize which widgets you can access directly from a special bar at the bottom of screen.

You will notice that the app heavy interface as dedicated social network support with the likes of Bebo, Twitter and Facebook all compatible with the phones system. The Optimus is a pleasure to use in landscape mode, the added comfort supplied by the curved ends of the phone compliment basic thumb typing on the huge on-screen QWERTY keyboard. The screen is responsive enough to recognise quick taps and the on-screen buttons are will sized for even the fattest of digits and with support for SMS, MMS, social networking and e-mail you will have plenty of cause to use them.

The mobile web surfing experience was adequate considering the price of the handset, LG have supplied Optimus users with a consistent Wi Fi connection; it delivers reliable web surfing support, loading times are minimal and download speeds are quite fast for such an affordable phone. The 3.2 inch HVGA display is ideal for web surfers when you flip the phone horizontally using the accelerometer technology, you will find the general experience quite pleasant indeed.

The 3MP camera comes well equipped with auto focus, face detection and smile detection features add an extra dimension to the overall performance, image quality is quite alright and videos are filmed in VGA at 17fps. As expected the Optimus comes complete with a video player which will playback DivX and Xvid formats among others. The music player is basically the same as seen on previous LG phones and supports FM radio. The memory of the phone can be expanded thanks to the microSD slot and a 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with almost any headphones.

The Optimus is not LG’s first venture with Google’s mobile operating system; the InTouch Max was another of there Android phones and LG are becoming quite accustomed to the ways of Android. The lively interface provides an easy platform to work from and the device is also backed by the Android Market; so if you want to add to the already application rich interface you can access the online store for the content you need.

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